Fracking and Your Rights

Fracking (also known as hydraulic fracturing) is the process of drilling down into the earth and then injecting a water mixture to release the natural gas locked below.

Regardless of whether you favor or oppose this process, most folks would tend to agree that the rights to the minerals and gas below a piece of property should belong to the owner of the property.

Until recently, this was not always the case.

In several circumstances involving homes in the Triangle area, it was revealed that a national developer had retained these mineral and gas rights instead of granting them to the new home buyers.

As was reported in the May 10, 2012 issue of Clarion Content (

“Durham property attorney, Carey Ewing, who was an essential part of bringing the story to the public eye, says that uncertainty prevails, ‘Homeowners need more information and no one is giving it to them’.”

Ewing Law Center is very proud of our role in helping bring this issue to the public’s attention, and in how the documentation for real estate purchases has now been improved to better protect home buyers’ rights.

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